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AndytheSaint - The Patron Saint of Bloggers
Blogathon 2007 
12th-Jul-2007 01:28 pm
Seattle Andy

It's time, once again, for the Blogathon. Those of you who have flisted me for more than a year know what the deal is with the Blogathon, but for those that don't, here's a basic rundown:

Starting at 6:00 am PST on July 28, a number of bloggers around the world will be posting every half an hour for 24 hours straight to raise money for selected charities. You can pledge money to support these bloggers, either through a flat rate or a per hour that they post rate. For more information, check out the website at: http://www.blogathon.org/

As I did last year, I will once again be one of those intrepid bloggers, updating this blog 49 times in 24 hours. So why not sponsor me?!? Please?!? Last year, I raised over $200 for Amnesty International, and had some fun doing it. Click on the blogathon_2006 tag to check out all of the posts and hijinx that went down that day.

This year, I decided to do something a little different with my charity. Instead of just donating money to charity, I figured why not do something about my own contribution to the environment? Thus, I decided this year to raise money for carbon offsets through Carbonfund.org.

Carbon offsets are money put into carbon-reducing projects that offset the carbon our actions put into the atmosphere. It's important to reduce the amount of carbon we release into the atmosphere by changing our habits, but it's not possible to completely eliminate it. The food we eat, heating our homes, air travel all cause the release of carbon, which is directly responsible for global warming. Instead of never flying or driving anywhere, you can become carbon neutral by offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions from your activities by ensuring that less of it is put into the atmosphere elsewhere. Go here for a better explanation.

So instead of just pledging a flat amount to support me (which you can totally do if you want to save yourself some effort), why not figure out your own carbon stamp and pledge that amount? That way, you're not just supporting me, or just donating to charity, you're also making yourself carbon neutral! Or, if going carbon neutral is a little too expensive, why not figure out how much you'd have to spend to offset your car? Or a recent flight? Or even your wedding?

To figure out how much carbon offsets you'd have to purchase to offset something, go to Carbonfund's Carbon Calculators here: http://www.carbonfund.org/site/pages/carbon_calculators/ . Then, you can use the dollar figure it gives you to pledge your support to me and my blogathon here: http://www.blogathon.org/pledge.php?blogid=302 (I think you need to create a log in name to do so). Or, as I said, you can just pick a figure that works for you ($5, $10, $25, whatever). After I successfully complete the blogathon in a couple weeks, you'll be asked to honour your pledge by going back to the Carbonfund.org website and paying out the money (earning yourself a carbon offset certificate and a tax deduction in the process. Plus, the feeling that you've helped the world, which is cool).

And, hey, if this sounds like so much fun that you want to do your own blogathon, there's still time to sign up. Then I can pledge my support for you!
12th-Jul-2007 11:51 pm (UTC)
Maybe then you'll start playing Kingdom Hearts II again.
13th-Jul-2007 12:12 am (UTC)
Hopefully I can donate something by that date.
13th-Jul-2007 02:36 am (UTC)
Well, you don't need to pay by then, just pledge. After that, you have a few weeks to honour your pledge.

But, I figure what you're getting at is that you hope to have a job that will allow you to commit to a donation by then. And I hope you do too (you know, so you can have a job).
13th-Jul-2007 02:38 am (UTC)
That, and no surprise bills would be nice.
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