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AndytheSaint - The Patron Saint of Bloggers
POST #3 All Cleaned Up 
29th-Jul-2006 08:03 am
Andy Dreamy
The day is moving pretty fast right now. Kim just got home from work and is starting breakfast. I'm not sure how much other stuff than blogging I'll be able to get done today. It feels like I just posted. For my LJ friends, I'll be making 48 posts in the next 24 hours (well, 46 in 23 now), so you may want to de-friend me for the day and follow the developments on my LJ, lest I push all your other friends off the page.

To chart the toll this thing might take on me, I figured I'd post a pic of myself after the first hour, then post some more later. I still look pretty tired, but I feel pretty good (albeit hungry). I'm not sure why I decided to roll my eyes up into my head though... I guess I was trying to make it look all arty (or at least myspacey).

Am I boring all of you yet? Don't worry, the posts will get more interesting as I get settled into my day, but to make them interesting, I have to start typing the next one right after I post, and right now I'm busy waking up. Luckily, I doubt many other people are awake reading this right now. Time for breakfast!
29th-Jul-2006 02:08 pm (UTC)
Hey andy, i'm awake and up. I acctually read your first few posts and then realized what was going on. What a day its going to be for you. Good luck with this all. Today we are heading out to the mountains for the bach party so your day and my day on the "I don't know if I will make it though" scale could be fairly similar. Keep it going though...so far so good.
29th-Jul-2006 03:05 pm (UTC) - l'audace, toujour l'audace.
You're a brave man to post a picture of yourself this early. Bravery which has inspired me and after a half-hour I have finally figured out how to post in a picture in a comment.

I think you win.
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